Join the Patron Team!

If you want to help get this game to release, have access to insider information, or get into early testing groups, join our Patron Team!

We recognize how important your support is to our project, so we want you to become a part of the team.  Your support is crucial at this stage of development, and by donating even a small amount of money YOU become part of the Patron Team that is helping create this new kind of game.  

Because we know how much your Patron support means, we have decided to create a special access and rewards system for those that join the Patron Team. 

  1. Patron Forums:  This is the first level of Patron Team special access, and it gets you into an area in our forums where the developers will release information in the form of: movies, screenshots and reports to the Patron Team earlier than the public.  A minimum donation of just $50.00 gets you onto the Patron Team and into the special Patron forums where you can view all of these new updates.
  2. Patron Discussion: If you want to discuss elements of the new revelations released to the Patron Team, a $100 donation will get you access to the discussions where you many weigh in and talk to the team about these elements.
  3. Live Webcasts: These live broadcasts will deal with elements of the upcoming game.   Patron Team members who donate at least $250, and are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, will be able to take part in these broadcasts.  You will hear some things we do not want released to the general public quite yet!
  4. Development Reports:  When you finally reach a $1,000 total donation, you may gain access to our team reports, where we will give a regular briefing on recent progress, and allow questions by the Patron Team.  The same NDA is required as for the Live Webcasts.

How are your Donations used?

It is important to understand that we are not attempting to finance the making of Citadel of Sorcery solely through crowd funding donations.  The Development Team has put in millions already, and will put in more money every month to keep this project rolling.  We will continue to do this until the game reaches a state where publishers or large investors want to get on board.

Your donations help us to speed up the process.  Every dollar you pledge goes straight into getting more people working on the project, and therefore, speeding up the progress of the game creation.  Think of it this way, if you want to get into this world sooner, then here is your chance to make a difference.  Truthfully, there is very little risk for you.   Since we have already spent millions of dollars, the Development Team is invested and committed to finishing this game.

For a donation as small as $20.00 you are purchasing the game, and getting some additional rewards.  This means there would be NO subscription fees for you, and you would have full access to all servers, character equipment, world locations and all quests and other game play options.  There would be NO further costs to you of any kind in the initial release of the game.  Higher donation amounts start getting you even greater rewards and more access to the upcoming (six planned) expansions, and eventual sequels, as well as Early Access, Alpha and Beta Testing.

We wanted to give you a lot of rewards for believing in the game early on, and helping us get it to a state where we can seek larger funding to complete the project.  Simply put, your donations will help get us there faster and as a reward those donations we will make it cheaper for you to play the game in the future and give you other rewards to boot.

How to Donate and reach your desired rewards.

Here is how the donation rewards work.  Each level of donation comes with a list of Rewards that you receive when you reach that goal.  If you reach a higher goal then you get all rewards (or upgrades to those rewards) from that level, and all goal levels below!  So, for example, if your donations reach a total of $50, you get the $35, $20 and $5 rewards as well!  If later you reach $100, you now add those Rewards and Upgrades to all the other ones you already have, and so on.

You can do this by donating all at once, or by slowly increasing your total donation amount over time through multiple smaller donations.  You can do this manually, by just adding new donations when you have the means, or you can even setup an automatic monthly donation that will eventually get you to your goal amount!


Every time we reach a certain number of new donators we will run a Raffle for additional prizes.  This means that the earlier you donate, the more Raffles you will get to take part in!  But even if you missed an earlier Raffle, start donating and you will get in on all future Raffles!

Our Raffles will always come in threes, one for the total number of people Pledging (one person, one ticket) , one by the total pledge amounts (you get a ticket for each dollar in your total as long as you have pledged at least $5.00), and one for the Patron Team members only  (again one ticket for each dollar).  So, if you have pledged a minimum of $50, you will be in all three Raffles, every time!  These Raffles are just a way of our saying ‘Thank you’ to our supporters beyond their listed rewards.

Group Rewards

Any group of people may pool their donations together to get to a higher reward level!  This is very easy to do.  When you donate there is a ‘Group’ box, just type in the name of your group when you donate and we will add that amount to the Group total.

You may use this to form a Guild and have all donations also benefit the Guild total, or just a group of friends, it’s up to you.  This is a way for a bunch people who each give a smaller donation to reach higher goal reward together.  You could get four people to donate $250 each, and you can all divide up the rewards from the $1,000 level!  Or, get 40 Guild members to each donate $250 and reach that $10,000 mark… and get the floating castle for your Guild!
Once you get up to the $1,000 level or higher, we really designed the rewards to be dividable, with each person getting things like the Lifetime pass and personal In-Game items.  So work together and get better stuff!  (Of course, the idea behind this is to get you all to go out and bring in people to join the CoS Patron Team, so get to work team!)

Note: the person that starts the group has final say as to the distribution of the rewards, so pick your group founder carefully!

For more information on Groups, or to ask a question about Groups, head to our "How Do I Use Groups?" page.

Joining the Development Team:

We are always looking for more game industry workers who want to help create the actual game.  If you already have some game creation skills or experience in the design, sound, art, programming, level design or writing areas, we need you!  Right now we are not taking on paid positions, but we are looking for Interns or more experienced personnel willing to work for possible back end rewards and future paid positions.  If this describes you, and you want to become part of an extraordinary project, contact us by going to or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Joining the Investment Team:

If you represent a Publisher, or you wish to become a major investor in MMO Magic, Inc. and own stock in the company, please contact us through this page on our company website: