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We are happy to announce the winners of our first raffles! We have more raffles planned for the members of our Patron Team, so be sure to keep checking back on our forums and website for more information about how you can be a winner!

The details of each raffle and what they won can be found here. 


The team would like to thank the winners and all those who participated for their incredible support. We will always be grateful for every member of our Patron Team. Our wonderful community provides us with so much, and we will always try to show our appreciation whenever we can. 




Winner: Amusedmonkey



Winner: Lonfer 




Winners: Khaostheory, Pellagren, Blackrose, Alodar, Drizzt, Athmos, Enaz13, wsmitty, Corwal, NightAngel




Winners: Alodar, wrongcoder, Adel, Isane, Lader




Winner: Rlechot