A Note From The Team

 We have been fighting a (false) belief that we are actually promising you TOO much. Some players don't understand how we can give them so much, or that it is even possible. It is. All it took was a lot of hard work and sacrifice by a lot of people to get us to this stage. The truth is we have already done most of the things that might be deemed 'impossible'.

 We understand the skeptics; after all if this was easy to do, everyone would do it. The very reason that Citadel of Sorcery is special is because no one HAS done it before. But we aren't asking you to believe in just a paper design, we have already completed eight years of Research and Development into making the impossible… possible. Here is a list of what is ALREADY in the game, working right now: 

1) We generated an entire, unique, planet, 900,000,000 square kilometers in size, the full size of earth.
2) NPCs living lives in that world. Currently we have run a test city that is fully populated with NPCs living their lives, they have jobs they go to during work hours, homes they sleep in at night, and they go out on the town during leisure hours. They can have friends, family, and are constantly making decisions on what they want to do next.
3) There is a live events system that is constantly changing what is happening in the world. Our world is alive, with new things taking place all the time. The system to keep these events running is already functional.
4) We built proprietary in game tools that allow multiple game designers to work together simultaneously within the running game world, creating the living world and live testing it instantly so that more can be built faster and better by fewer people. It's very efficient.
5) A Voxel/Polygon hybrid rendering system that allows us to render down to every blade of grass (not just a texture of grass), or a complete vista of forest all the way out into the distance, with every tree being unique. This brand new proprietary technology does not exist in any other game engine currently on the market. We built it from scratch.

 All of this and much more is already running. It is not just a design on paper, but has actually been developed. The winner of the 1st raffle and Grand Prize winner of the 2nd raffle will get a chance to see the pre-alpha game in November of 2012 (though they will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement since they will be viewing proprietary technology that we do not want so show to other game companies until we must, at Alpha.) They will get to tell players about some of the things they got to see, just not how we are doing them.

 We invite you all to join us and the other players who are starting to believe that you CAN have a better MMORPG game. All it takes is some people believing in the project, and working hard to achieve their goals. Be a believer; help us bring this game to everyone.