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How to use Groups

admin Sunday, 04 November 2012 19:56

Our community works much like Facebook. You have your own profile, and friends, and you can upload photos to share - but the way we use groups works a little differently! First, how do you create one?

Click on the "GROUPS" tab, and then click the "Create" link on the left. Enter all of the Basic information, and then hit the button at the bottom to create your group.

All users can only create ONE GROUP. You can be a member of as many groups as you would like, but you can only start one.

So, why only one Group? What are groups for anyway?


Groups are used for two things:

1) Groups are a place where you and your friends can share ideas, discussions, and more. You can use it to create a place for your guild to communicate about Citadel of Sorcery, or as a place for your friends to gather and talk about the game in Discussion threads. The leader of the group can make Announcements to the group (like this one). Groups can also create discussion threads using the discussion tab.


2) Groups allow you to form an alliance with other members to combine your donations to Citadel of Sorcery so that your group can get more In Game rewards from the levels your combined amounts reach.  

Here is how it works.  No matter what you donate, you always personally get the rewards from your level of donation. This is unrelated to your group total.   When you group total combines to reach a higher award Tier the group gets the In Game rewards from that level.  This means the things that a player could use in the game (it does not include things like lifetime subscriptions, or access to dev briefings, or any other reward outside of the game items).  However, you can get things like map upgrades, and potions and equipment, even a Floating Castle.  

The In-Game rewards from a higher Tier are not per person in the group, but are at the number that this reward level states.  So, for example if 100 people got together and combined to reach $10,000, they do not each get a Floating Castle, there is one Floating Castle given at that reward level.  Or, if a reward level states that it also includes four times all the rewards at lower levels, then there are four of each of those items that can be distributed to the group.  

It’s pretty simple, just remember that it is just the In Game rewards, and the same number are awarded to the group that a single person would have received if they donated to that level.

Whenever you make a donation, there is a field where you can fill out a GROUP name. If you assign your donation to a group, your group can combine their donations and acquire prizes from higher tiers.

This is why each community member is only able to create ONE group.

The person who starts the group is the person who will receive, (and ultimately be responsible for distributing), any In Game rewards earned by the group efforts. This means that before you contribute to a group, make sure that you know and/or trust the founder of your group. The founder of the group may decide to distribute rewards by committee, or by popular vote, or by who contributes most – but the method is up to the group founder.  Good group leaders can even create contests within their group to encourage folks to participate. This way, anyone has the chance to get almost any reward. It's really up to you!

We advise that anyone who starts a group post an announcement as to how they plan on handling the rewards that are earned, but again, we will not moderate how the leader chooses to run their group. In the end, it is the responsibility of each member to choose their leader wisely!

If you have any questions about groups, rules, or how to use the community pages, just create a Discussion in this group (Click on the Discussion tab) or feel free to PM the administrator, MMO Magic.

Thank you everyone!