Game News

Oct 02 2012

Thus began the First Age… also known as the Golden Age, for there were no demons on any of the Reflected Worlds… but one. The entrances to the Darkhalls only existed on the original World. The demons were not duplicated by the shattering of the crystals for they were not creations of the Crystal. They were unaware of the thousands of Reflected Worlds where duplicate creations of the one World existed. Every human, all animals and each thing were reflected in each of these worlds, except one human and the Demons. The small amount of Radiant and Grim power in humans was much diluted, except for Peran Tremora. The first Sorcerer was not in the World when it was duplicated, he was in the Darkhalls with the Demons. He was infused from the shattered crystal with far more Radiant and Grim power than any other human had ever contained, and it was not diluted. Forever more he and his descendants were never duplicated across the Reflected Worlds, though all other humans were as new children were born. Any human born of Peran's descent received much Grim and Radiant power. It was said that they were 'of the Blood'. All the Reflected Worlds were strangely connected, and as the majority went, so went all, except for those descended of the Blood and those of the Darkhalls.

Peran eventually discovered more about his new powers and the magical things he could do when they were used properly. He had the very power of the Dead Gods… though not as strong. His heirs also received this power and eventually discovered how to separate Chaos and Elixir from matter, and the many uses for the two substances. They discovered the duality of Grim and Radiant power, and how too much use of one or the other alone could lead to death and destruction, or insanity. They learned to contact the spirits; strange sentient beings attached to many parts of the world, earth, air, fire, wind, and more… both Grim and Radiant. Eventually they discovered how to infuse mirrors and crystals with the power of Chaos and Elixir, their magically enhanced reflections allowed them to open portals to other Reflected Worlds. The use of Grim and Radiant energy became known as sorcery, and great cities were built with the power of sorcery. Human settlements expanded and great knowledge was accumulated. Art evolved with the advent of civilization. There was a balance in the Reflected Worlds that has not been seen since in all the ages. The Portals allowed knowledge to spread easily to all the Reflections, but that is how the Golden First Age finally came to an end… for eventually a Sorcerer opened a portal to the one World. There the demons still ruled. The Reflected Worlds were revealed, and the demons discovered whole new sources of humans to feed upon.