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Citadel of Sorcery has a depth of game design that is unmatched. We've gathered much of the information we've released publicly so far on our forums here in our Knowledge Base. If you don't find the information you're looking for, come visit our Forum Community! Patrons and Developers are more than happy to help guide you on your quest for knowledge!


Knowledge Base

  • Overview +

    Citadel of Sorcery is a full 3D environment, fantasy MMORPG game.  It is set on something we call the Reflected Worlds.  This is one geographic full size planet, that was ‘reflected’ thousands of years ago.  These reflections are not instances; they share the geography, but the details of what happens on each Reflected World are different. Citadel of Sorcery has two types of Reflected Worlds (RWs): Community (CRW) and Story (SRW).  The only real difference Read More
  • Game Play +

    Quests Quests are the heart of the game play in Citadel of Sorcery, and you have our promise that there will not be even one grocery list type quest (fetch me some number of something, or deliver this to so-and-so). Instead, every quest was created by a writer, and is the equivalent of an entire novel series. These incredible stories are then run through our TrueQuesting system that takes the character’s previous history, and generates a custom Read More
  • Our World +

    Time Time continues to move in the Reflected Worlds. At first this may not sound important or earth shaking, but it is. Most MMO games are actually the same day repeated over and over. Not in CoS. Each day the worlds continue to evolve and change. The Reflected Worlds change; every place you went to yesterday could be different today and likely will be. Towns can burn down, yet others will be built. Land is changing hands in the war, kingdoms rise Read More
  • Story +

    At its heart CoS is all about the Quests, Missions and other types of personal Stories. Our goal was to create a system where every Quest was interesting, unique, and none of them were simple tasks to complete. A story is more than a task, it involves choices that matter to the player. Example: You have been tasked with bringing a small Kingdom back under Citadel control. Right now the King of that country is fighting a revolutionary Read More
  • Characters +

    Your character represents who you are, but unlike other games, CoS allows you to evolve your character endlessly, and without restriction. You may learn any of 1890 Abilities, and over a hundred more Uber Abilities, and every player, of every race may learn any combination of these. Each of these Abilities can also be improved through study and practice. This means that no two players will likely be exactly the same. There are no character classes, or equipment restrictions. Become Read More
  • Social +

    Social aspects Beyond the many types of game play we offer (See: Game Play), the game also has many social aspects for those players wishing to take part. These include lots of mini games, as well as performance locations. For example, players can play chess, checkers, Hearts, bet on races, go dancing, gamble in a casino, go to roman style baths, visit a menagerie, visit the museum or go to a theater performance. Players may also rent a Read More
  • Combat +

    The combat system in CoS is very unique, with new innovations in how players work together. Our user interface anticipates options that the player wants so that they don’t have to search through large amounts of icons for what they need. This is important because players are able to fully customize their characters by choosing from any of 1890 unique Abilities. (See "Characters" ) Our A.I. system allows NPC opponents to use the terrain, situation and their Read More
  • New Technology +

    PlanetForge© We made a world generator, called PlanetForge©, which creates full living planets. It does this by using a continent generation tool that assigns biomes based on a whole bunch of parameters, like sunlight based on slope and latitude, temperatures based on geography and weather patterns, as well as gravity, wind, glacier and water erosion systems. Next, we had to create a system to uniquely grow every tree, bush, flower and plant, from scratch, and let them Read More
  • Lore of the Reflected Worlds +

    The following text is a history of the world in which the Citadel of Sorcery exists, up until present day. This back story will be important to the game when you play, since the story progresses on from here. Feel free to read it if you wish, or you will get the same information later when you start the game. Read More
  • Playable Races +

    These are the six playable races in the Reflected Worlds of Citadel of Sorcery. Please note that the artwork displayed currently is not our final art. These are all prototype images, and subject to change. Tyven: Of the free people of the Reflected Worlds, the Tyven are one of the more recent. They were created during the fifth age by Morphael. He wanted a race of spies that could move through the wilderness with the cunning Read More
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