New Technology


We made a world generator, called PlanetForge©, which creates full living planets. It does this by using a continent generation tool that assigns biomes based on a whole bunch of parameters, like sunlight based on slope and latitude, temperatures based on geography and weather patterns, as well as gravity, wind, glacier and water erosion systems. Next, we had to create a system to uniquely grow every tree, bush, flower and plant, from scratch, and let them continue to grow over time. Each of these grows based on soil typing, as well as other geographic considerations. 
What is really intriguing about this world generator is that since it uses many systems to generate a realistic planet, in the end no human has seen this new planet, and it is so big it will take many years to explore. This means that years after release of the game, there will still be unexplored portions of this planet, unseen by anyone, developer or player.

Enact Tools©

To control all the thousands, if not millions of NPC and Monster characters in the game, we needed an incredible game development tool set. We created the Enact Tools©. The only reason that a planet of this size has any hope of development is due to the Enact Tools©. These tools allow any Level Designer to enter the live game world, and change… anything, in real time. With the Enact Tools©, a single Level Designer can take a 100 page written quest, and create a story that will alter and adapt to the player’s story. The tools can cause a rumor to spread, and grow with the telling, or cause a single fight in a bar to spread until the entire bar is in a fist fight that naturally breaks out into the street. It can build a murder mystery, or an epic quest to destroy the evil rings of power. It can pretty much build anything our writers can pen, and is all controlled with a graphical interface instead of scripting, and all done live in the running game, so there is no gap between creation and testing. A player could literally watch the game being built from inside the world (if we let them).

TrueQuesting Module©

We tell players that CoS will create a unique personal story for every player.   If we attempted to do this purely by hand it would take more workers than players, so how is it possible?  The answer is our unique TrueQuesting module.  Basically, it works like this, a writer pens a custom story: a Quest, Mission, League Actions or other type of story.  This story is given to a Level Designer, who inputs certain details into the TrueQuesting Model.   After that they construct certain portions of the Quest in Enact.  Later, when this Quest is given out to a player, the TrueQuesting Module accesses that player’s history and current situation, and then automatically adapts the story, locations, objects, NPCs, Nemesis and Alleys, factions ,and more, to fit this Quest into that player’s personal story.   This VASTLY changes the details of that story, and makes it personal for that player.

Payment systems

There seems to be a lot of different opinions out there on which is 'the best' payment system for an MMO game. Most players seem quite adamant about which system they prefer. Therefore we decided to give everyone their choice. In CoS you may go Free to Play (F2P)or use a standard subscription model (P2P). If subscriptions are not your cup of tea, you may buy each game module (B2P) as it comes out and have everything with no subscription. These are the three major systems that almost all MMOs offer; in CoS, we offer them all and let you choose which one meets your needs at any time.

New Server System

We even created a new server managment system, which allows any player to move to any server they want at any time, without charge or penalty, in just a matter of seconds. The system will adjust to keep friends and guilds together. It can balance server usage, and make intelligent choices on where players might want to be when they enter the game (though they may move at will to another server for whatever reason they decide). It allows F2P users to move freely between F2P servers, and allows P2P and B2P players to move freely to any server (see 'Payment Systems', above).