The Human

Humans were the first of the free races in the Reflected Worlds and the only one created by the Dead Gods. The other five free races derive from modifications of the human race using spells and other magic. Humans are anything but average, or ‘mundane’, they are as distinctive and unique as all of the other free races.

The most interesting trait of humans is superstition. The first human sorcerer, Peren Tremora, was very superstitious, and when he shattered the Creation Crystal the magic that was released empowered his Humansuperstitions. Now all humans are superstitious, and with very good reason, their superstitions come true. Superstition has become a power for humans, one that has both its detrimental side as well as a beneficial side, but in no case can they be ignored with impunity.

Humans were the first sorcerers and the original race, and are as powerful in magic, as good with weapons and as intelligent as any race. Moreover, as the first free race they are the most prevalent in the Reflected Worlds, and so are welcome in the most places. The benefits of being human are many, but they are also the primary target of the demons that once considered them ‘cattle’ and ate their souls as food. Morphael also seeks humans to experiment upon in making new creatures under his dominion.

Humans come in two varieties, those descended from Peren Tremora, called ‘Of The Blood’, and those not descended from the first sorcerer called Original Humans. Those Of The Blood are powerful in Grim and Radiant energy, inheriting more than normal powers of magic. But even Original Humans who were not born Of The Blood can wield magic. They discovered other ways of gaining Grim and Radiant power, like from Spirits, the Fey or even, foolishly, from Demons.

There are three distinct differences in those Of The Blood and Original Humans: resurrection, duplication and Grim and Radiant power. When an Original Human dies their soul goes onto the First Veil, also known by some as the Spirit Realm, and from there can progress on to the Second Veil and beyond. Once a soul has gone to the Second Veil it is gone from the Reflected Worlds forever.

The souls from those Of The Blood cannot move on to the Second Veil. When one Of The Blood dies, their soul goes to the Spirit Realm, but cannot move on to the Second Veil. Because of this their soul can be resurrected endlessly in the Reflected Worlds by one with enough power and desire. Just because it CAN be resurrected doesn’t mean it will be; there is always a price. Original Humans cannot be resurrected into a new body, though there are ways of bringing their souls back into the world if they have not passed on to the Second Veil: they can come back as ghosts, the undead and other ways.

Another difference between the two types of humans is that Original Humans are duplicated across the Reflected Worlds, but those Of The Blood only have one soul, and is not duplicated. Thus an Original Human who is killed on one Reflected World may be seen again on another, but there will only be a single version of one Of The Blood.

The final major difference is Grim and Radiant power, when Peren Tremora smashed the Creation Crystal he was imbued with vast amounts of these base powers of creation, and so are his descendants. It allows them to tap these powers, and to manipulate Chaos and Elixir, the physical manifestations of Grim and Radiant power. This is the very power of the Dead Gods, and those Of The Blood can control these powers to varying degrees.

Humans are found throughout the Reflected Worlds, and outnumber all other races. They live in all ground based climates. Their societies, religions, and politics come in many types, the one commonality being their inevitable differences. But where humans go, so do their superstitions. They fear the return of the Demons, for they were once fed upon as food, and twice the demons have destroyed their societies and nearly driven them to extinction. Those Of The Blood are often revered because Peren’s descendants saved the human race in the sorcerer/demons wars, but there is also jealousy by many of the Original Humans for those Of The Blood because of their strong magic, and how they can be resurrected. The Enchantress originally chose all of her Heroes from humans Of The Blood, and so all of the Fallen Heroes now being resurrected are Of The Blood.