The Jenemos

Introduction and Description

Like all the new races, the Jenemos were once human.  They were created from human slaves that Morphael had captured in his war against the Citadel.  The Jenemos race was designed to build and maintain Morphael’s magic driven machines.  Morphael wanted them small enough to climb amongst the gears and wheels so he made them shorter.  They needed to work in dark places so he enlarged their eyes.  So they could hear when there was a problem in the machines he increased the size of their ears.  He made their fingers long and dexterous for intricate work, and he made them very clever so that Jenemosthey could create his war machines, a strange symbiosis of machines and magic.

But Morphael’s human slaves had the last laugh.  They made a secret plan, and instead of being chosen, some of them started volunteering to become Morphael’s builder race, but what Morphael’s minions didn’t know was that these volunteers were the humans with the worst luck.  They were the accident prone, and the unlucky.  They were the ones that just seemed to screw up no matter that they did.  And as the magic machine changed them into Morphael’s builder race, these traits were intensified.  As they bred with others of the ‘Builder’ race their bad traits became dominant.  Soon bad things started happening within Morphael’s fortress as the bad luck of his builder race reached epic proportions.  His machines began to fail for no logical reason. 


And then the Jenemos went into hiding.  Some of them escaped Morphael’s fortress while others hid to continue their sabotage.  For Morphael, his experiment in creating a building race was a disaster.  He aborted his program and destroyed the machine that changed humans into Jenemos, but it was too late.  The builders had become a race, and they had the skill and means to create their own machine to make more of themselves.  They had taken one of the machines apart and smuggled it out.  Now they started up their own society only to find that they couldn’t live with each other.  Their bad luck was so strong that together they could hardly survive.  They so became a nomadic people, loners in a world that shunned their presence, for to be with a Jenemos was to experience bad luck.

But to the Jenemos each instance of bad luck they created was funny, and when it happened to strike them, they found it hilarious.  For it was a never ending joke on Morphael.  Bad luck was the way in which they had defeated his aims to turn them to his use and even when it thwarted their own plans it was a grand joke on Morphael. 

Their bad luck has now become legendary.  It strikes their enemies hardest, but is also known to affect their companions and themselves.  When it strikes the Jenemos they find it so funny that they are often unable to do anything but laugh for a moment, even to their determent. 

Jenemos stay away from other Jenemos, though when a Jenemos is a Fallen Heroes they will sometimes band together, though reluctantly.  But in order to maintain their race they must breed, and so four times a year they gather for an all night party.  There they partake of the dark brews they prefer and become so intoxicated that they don’t remember what they did the next morning.  Inevitably, some of the females become pregnant, though they don’t recall how or by whom.  They were just… unlucky, and when a Jenemos female finds she is pregnant due to this bad luck she finds it very amusing indeed.

It is a female’s task to give birth, thus furthering their race, but it is the male’s job to raise the child.  By their laws the first middle aged male Jenemos the female meets after giving birth MUST take and raise the child.  Since they never know who the biological father was any male will do.  Of course the males try to be scarce around a female who is due to give birth, but they have abysmally bad luck, so this seldom works.  As soon as possible the male ‘parent’ of the child weans the child they turn them loose to fend for themselves.  Fortunately, Jenemos mature early.

It is easy to tell the middle aged Jenemos because they don’t look young.  One of the odd things about the Jenemos is that there are no elderly looking Jenemos.  When a Jenemos reaches mid life their bodies start to regress physically.  They look younger and younger… and by some odd quirk of nature, their luck gets worse and worse.  It gets so bad that almost no Jenemos will ever die of old age… something else will kill them due to their increasingly bad luck.

Jenemos love dark ales and brew them deep in the dark places of the earth, and they are seldom seen without a skin draped over their shoulder and they have very bad breath.  But, a Jenemos will even forgo a drink to hunt down their most hated enemy, the Maggotmen.  These were their jailers and torturers back in Morphael’s fortress and they will never forgive these disgusting minions of their hated creator.

Jenemos and the Fallen Heroes

When it comes to the Fallen Heroes that have become Jenemos, many other Heroes don’t want them as companions for their obvious bad luck, yet the wise ones realize that having a Jenemos with them will cause their enemies even more trouble.  These heroes seek to add a Jenemos to their group and live with both the bad and the good.  One thing for sure, life is never boring with a Jenemos on the quest.  Their luck is such that not only will something bad happen, but it will most often happen in the funniest way possible.  And even when things go well a Jenemos will likely throw in the proverbial monkey wrench, they just can’t stand seeing a good plan work.


Short, homely, unlucky pranksters who are as often drunk as sober, the Jenemos are constantly amused by the world and themselves.  They live to have fun, except when they can stick a knife in a Maggotman, or any of Morphael’s loyal minions.  It is their fondest dream to find and destroy Morphael. 

The Jenemos don’t believe in honor, but they believe in paying their debts, both good and bad.  Verdurens don’t like the Jenemos much; they are not orderly or long viewed.  The gargoyles don’t like them because they consider honor a bad word.  The Tyvens actually like them, and are often amused by the Jenemos and their antics.  The Waerians are as always aloof, which doesn’t bother the Jenemos at all because they just hate baths and water of any kind, and swimming is essentially a bath in their minds.