Social aspects

Beyond the many types of game play we offer (See: Game Play), the game also has many social aspects for those players wishing to take part. These include lots of mini games, as well as performance locations. For example, players can play chess, checkers, Hearts, bet on races, go dancing, gamble in a casino, go to roman style baths, visit a menagerie, visit the museum or go to a theater performance. Players may also rent a Theater. There they have control of sets, spotlights, curtains, backdrops, etc., and we pipe the sound from the actor’s voices or music to anyone sitting in the theater seats. Players may even sell tickets to other players when they rent a theater and put on a performance.


We really wanted Guilds to have wonderful improvements, so we spent a lot of time making great new features. First off, Guilds may own a piece of the world. There they may build a Guild hall, and continue to add on and improve it as long as they wish. In addition, they may give or lease land around the guild to their guild members, who may then build houses and businesses. Other players (not in the Guild) may visit these player built towns, where they may shop and socialize, though only guild members and prospective recruits may enter the Guild Hall.
Guilds may compete against other guilds if they choose, in several game options, including Arena PVP, races and other elements. Smaller guilds may also form alliances so that they can compete with larger guilds. Guilds may also go on special Campaigns, tailored just for their members.