• Join the Patron Team!

    If you want to help get this game to release, have access to insider information, or get into early testing groups, join our Patron Team! Read More
  • Better Game Play

    Citadel of Sorcery was started with the idea of bringing better game play to MMORPGs. So much so that we don’t consider our game anything like other MMOs that you may have played in the past. Read More
  • About the Game

    Citadel of Sorcery is a new type of Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game set in an original fantasy world. CoS is not just a game... this is a true adventure for players wanting more from an MMORPG. What makes Citadel of Sorcery so different? Read More
  • A Day in CoS

    Want to know what a typical day might be like when you log into Citadel of Sorcery? Just click here to follow us on just one example of a journey through our Reflected Worlds. Read More
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