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$5 - A big Thank You to all of you backing CoS. We will list your name as a Backer on our website and you will be able to use the in-game title of "Patron" to let everyone know you were here at pre-Alpha helping us along! You will receive an exclusive Backer icon image to use and let everyone know about CoS. We are going to deliver to you a stunning Desktop Wallpaper. You will also receive a free entry into the Menagerie, which is a monster museum you can go to in-game in the Citadel. The Menagerie holds monsters captured by players and delivered to the Menagerie for a reward. You can see and learn about monsters, and their strengths and weaknesses before you face them!

$20 - You will receive a key for an All Access Pass  to CoS for 2 months.  CoS is a really big place, planet-size Reflected Worlds actually, and you will need good maps to get around.  You will receive a free Tier 1 area map upgrade to get you started.  You will also receive an Exclusive Founder's Magic Medallion Necklace.  We won't tell you what it does yet, but we know you will love it.

$30 - Early Bird Special! Get everything at the $35 award for 5 bucks less!

$35 - Get a key to access all of CoS, including access to all server types (F2P and P2P) for 3 months. When we are ready for launch, you will be given access before others who aren't "Patrons." CoS is a really big place, planet-size Reflected Worlds actually, and you will need good maps to get around. You will receive a free Tier 1 area map upgrade to get you started. Want a peak at the future? You will receive one free entry to the Fortune Teller in-game, and she tells true fortunes. You will also receive in-game the fantastic Founder's Cloak with the Founder's emblem on it. Additionally you will get one Resistance Gem which can be embedded into items to increase your Resistance.

$50 - Your all access pass is upgraded for three more months for a total of 6 months. You will also receive a Beta Key to check out the action even earlier. Receive a stunning Digital Collector's PDF book including maps, concept art, stories and other information about CoS. Get a Founder's Exclusive first look at the hilarious outtake reel from the making of the CoS Kickstarter movie. Yes, those really are flames! Receive great in-game rewards; one Tier 1 Valuable weapon (start well-armed), one Good quality map upgrade, one Get Out of Jail Free card (let's hope you never have to use this), and one Glyph which adds power to any item you embed it in.

$100 - Your all access pass key is upgraded to 1 year, and you get a Premium Beta Key to get you into an early Beta. You give us your size and we give you a cool Citadel of Sorcery t-shirt! Your Avatar's Name will be written on the Heroes Monument for backers only in CoS. Also in-game, receive one Great quality area map upgrade, and a Founder's Exclusive Free Mount, plus an Armor Piece (metal, leather, or cloth).

$175 - Your all access pass key is again upgraded; this time it is to 1 and 1/2 years. You also get one Premium Buddy Key. Here comes the CoS Swag Bag which includes: one miniature figurine, paper map, flash drive with the game client and sound track, lore pamphlet, and a dice bag.

$250 - Lifetime All Access Pass! This level upgrades you to a Lifetime All Access Pass to CoS! You also upgrade to 2 Alpha Keys. If you are in a Guild, this level allows you reserve your Guild Name for the game. Get in early to make sure you reserve your Guild Name as this is first come, first served. We will also be sending you a set of 6 Minis, either male or female, of the 6 races in the game. In-game rewards at this level include: one Tier 1 Excellent upgrade to your map, a Founder's Exclusive Outfit (this gets you into special events), and you get a Free House. But we think the most exciting thing about this level is that it gives you our MYSTERY STONE. What is a MYSTERY STONE you ask? Well it has a secret word on one side and a set of coordinates in the game world on the other side. This gives you access to a Secret Adventure only for those who have the stone. This special adventure was written by Lead Game Designer and Writer Phil Blood.

$500 - Receive an additional Lifetime All Access Pass (total of 2) and an upgrade to 2 Premium Alpha Keys. You will also be able to chat with the Team at an exclusive online pre-Alpha question and answer session. You will receive an upgrade to a Full set of (12 total) racial minis, both the male and female sets. In-game rewards are really fun at this level and include: a Founder's Exclusive emote/animation; Founder's Exclusive Tier 1 Belt; Free Player-Run Shop Building, start making gold early!

$750 - 3 Lifetime All Access Passes(total). You also get 4 Premium Alpha Keys. We will also send you an awesome Signed (by team members) Poster. In-game reward items at this level include both a Tier 1 Premium Footwear and a Tier 1 Premium Headgear.

This is the really sweet level for Guilds. Our in-game GUILD BONUS PACK includes a Free Founder's Exclusive Guild Hall, which means that at launch you will already be able to build your Guild Hall, but what makes this really amazing is picking your location. These special Guild Locations will be in fantastic places and only available for GUILD BONUS PACK backers. Your Guild will also receive a Battle Standard which will give guild members a bonus in combat when they are near it.

$1000 - 5-5-5 That's right you will now get a total of 5 Lifetime All Access Passes, 5 Premium Alpha Keys and 5 Premium Beta Keys. You get a CoS HOODIE! Another cool reward is that you will be able to name a river, lake or mountain, and we will give you coordinates to go there after launch (approval of the name is required). In-game you will receive a Free upgraded Guild Hall; your Tier 1 map will be upgraded to Great quality; You will receive a Full Set of Potions which are very powerful (some of them are not even available on Tier 1).

A tradition at CoS for the team has been our reward of an In-game Holiday Party. We always have a great time and at this reward level you will be INVITED to the Party! We always have some new secret activities that you will be able to play in-game with the rest of the team.

$2500 - 8 Lifetime All Access Passes, 8 Premium Alpha Keys, 8 Premium Beta Keys (total) gives you and your friends or guild members lots of great access leading up to launch. You will receive CoS BOOK signed by team members. You will have Naming rights to an NPC - you pick the race, attributes, and back story for your NPC (approval of details is necessary). In-game you will receive: your Avatar name engraved on an Individual stone obelisk at the Heroes Monument for backers only; your Tier 1 map will be upgraded to Excellent quality; you will receive a Gift Bag of Tier 1 Premium Charms, Talismans, Gems and Glyphs! These can be used in Weapons and Armor.

In December of 2012, you will be given a Virtual Tour of the Citadel with a member of the team!

$5000 - 10 Lifetime All Access Passes to not only Citadel of Sorcery, but to all Reflected World Sequel Games. That's right, plans have already been made for sequels and you will have Lifetime All Access Passes to them! You will also receive 2 Alpha First Keys. These will be the first keys given out to participate in a very early Alpha. You will be able to work with one of our writers and create your own League Action, which will be included in the Game. You will receive Pre-Alpha special event access for you and a friend! Naming Rights at this level will allow you to name an entire Territory in the game, and you will receive the coordinates. This is a First Come, First Served reward and is subject to approval. In-game you will be given a Premium upgrade to your Tier 1 'Territory' map; a Full Set of High Potential Tier 1 armor; an Exclusive statue of your character for your Guild Hall, and your very own SECRET HIDEAWAY. Since this is a full-size planet, you will also receive a special teleport portal that takes you to directly to your new secret lair! This will never be offered again.

You will receive our CoS JACKET with the Eyes of Darkness on the back, which we will give you when you come to our offices (size given ahead of time) because...You are INVITED to LUNCH at our offices in Southern California, and you will receive a personal Q&A session with our Lead Designer Phil Blood.  You will also be given an exclusive Pre-Alpha tour of the game, and you can bring 1 guest with you.  However, you must provide your own transportation to the office.

$10,000 - 10 Lifetime All Access Passes to CoS and all Reflected World Sequel Games, AND 10 Alpha First Access Keys. Maximize your fun! You get all the in-game personal character rewards for EACH of your 10 Lifetime All Access Passes, and all 10 names will also be engraved on your own Monument at the Heroes Wall in-game. You will be able to play test the League Action you worked on from the $5000.00 reward tier with 4 CoS team members and up to 3 of your friends. We know you'll have a great time!

In-game you will also receive: a Founder's exclusive Great Hall table, chairs, and lighting; Upgrade to 2 Premium quality Tier 1 'Territory' maps; one very High Potential Weapon of your choice with a Gift Bag of Premium Tier 2 Charms, Talismans, Gems and Tier 1 (never offered again). Drum roll please...and... an In-Game, FLOATING IN THE SKY ISLAND, with your own CASTLE! This includes a teleportation portal and may be used just by you or you may turn it into the coolest Guild Location...ever. This will NEVER be offered in the game.

A actual custom engraved Citadel of Sorcery SWORD!

An Invitation to our LAUNCH PARTY for you and one guest, and you will have GUEST OF HONOR status. You will be Knighted and receive your Sword at the party. You and your guest will also be able to attend our company trip to Disneyland, California. You provide transportation to our office and we will provide hotel accommodations. Spend time with the team, get to know us, and ask all those questions you may have!


Upgrades - This means we've upgraded a reward you were given at previous Reward levels, and although upgrades are always a good thing, you do not receive an additional reward.

Shipped Physical Rewards - These will shipped at the date listed on the Kickstarter Page.

In-Game - All in-game items are available at full Launch of the game.

Given at Parties Physical Rewards - We are giving some big items, which we will enjoy giving you when we meet you at parties that you have been invited to. These items say when and where they will be given.

Totals: We give you a total of a particular Reward including all the same Rewards type given previously and including the additional number given at that level.

International Shipping - Additional shipping costs for our international backers.


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